Life Coaching

Will a life coach help my FIRE journey?

Having a life coach is essential to your financial success. If you're tired of living a bland and boring life with no real purpose or meaning, then now is the time to take action and make changes. Life is too short to be wasting it away, whether you're drowning in debt, in a dead-end job, a lousy relationship, dealing with depression, constantly worrying or suffering from anxiety, or just need a little clarity and direction.

Working with a life coach, that offers a life-changing program you know works, is the key to living a successful life. Embrace a holistic approach to your finances and your life will maximize and help you get to FIRE that much faster.

Living With Purpose?

When you know your purpose, and why you're on this planet at this particular time in history, you can have peace knowing that your life has meaning. We call that The Enlightenment Erudition. Once a person understands their path in life, they can take the necessary steps to align their life and goals toward achieving that purpose.

Everything from that point on begins to change. Thoughts, values, effort; everything becomes focused, all geared toward your purpose, including your finances and how or what you do to make money or provide for your family. When you're on a F.I.R.E Journey, your finances begin to adapt as well. When your finances align with your life's purpose and meaning, everything works together like the gears of a refined swiss watch. They are intimately related, and everything fits seamlessly together to achieve the ultimate goal.

Why Life Coaching?

At FIRElife Financial, we believe that the path to financial freedom and reaching F.I.R.E. often coincides with a dramatic shift in people's outlook on life. After years of coaching, we have found that people's lives are so intertwined with their finances that you cannot become truly free until you find your true purpose in life and are free to pursue your passions such as they are. The Alpha Plan™ is your solution and roadmap to a more meaningful life that is thriving and fulfilled.

What Do I do next?

We are so excited to share this program with our clients. We know that The Alpha Plan™ will impact your path to FIRE in such a powerful way that we are confident enough to offer a money-back guarantee for your peace of mind. As a FIRELife Financial client, you will get a discount on your already enrolled services.

Our founder and Chief Serving Officer, Angel Abundis, is a life coach and a Certified Master Financial Coach, and he has created The Alpha Plan™. The Alpha Plan is a personal development roadmap to a more thriving and fulfilled life, all from a biblical Christian perspective. This plan has helped numerous people and families learn what their passion and calling is and has allowed them to find what every person in this world is looking for:


Begin your FIRE Journey and find your purpose.