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Term: 90 Days
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There is a huge problem in our society today. America as a country has an unhealthy love affair with debt, and it is killing us slowly. Our national Debt is over 28 Trillion dollars and climbing. Unfortunately, most Americans are also in this same situation.

One of the biggest failures in America today is the lack of financial literacy and the instant gratification of consumerism, which has led to record amounts of consumer debt, and is destroying our lower and middle class from getting ahead. From credit cards, car loans, personal loans and student loan debt, it’s a real crisis, that no one is talking about. Think about this, 76% of people are living pay to paycheck, that means 8 out of 10 people you know would be in serious trouble if they lost their paycheck. This unfortunate scenario is playing out right in front us during this pandemic.

According to latest 2020 data from the Federal Government, American’s hold over 1.06 Trillion in credit card debt. Average household credit card debt is $8,400 and the average new car payment is $569 over 71 months. That is a lot of debt that many American’s are dealing with and it is keeping them from true financial freedom.

At FIRELife Financial we understand the need for knowledge in the area of finances. People are just uneducated and not informed. As we seek knowledge we also seek wisdom on how to apply that knowledge. What better source of wisdom than the greatest book ever written, the Bible. The bible has a lot to say about money, business and finances in general. Our program is based on solid biblical principles that can only come from the wisdom of heaven. The Word of God is the only reliable source of truth and wisdom, so we have taken the principles taught in scripture and packaged them in an easy to understand format, keeping everything within context from a biblical perspective.

Our FIRELife Debt Destroyer program is your answer to learning the basic financial principles that are not being taught in our society today. Your debt free journey starts here, where you will learn that the shortest distance to your financial dreams begins with being Debt FREE.

Our proprietary step-by-step process and unique 1:1 coaching strategy is the perfect solution to your debt troubles. Our clients report seeing immediate progress and are so grateful for the guidance and support that they love sharing their success stories in our private FB group. Here are some reviews below.

Imagine your life with no debt payments of any kind. How much extra money would you have at the end of month if you didn’t have any credit card payments, car payments, store cards, personal loans, or even a mortgage payment. How would your life be different? What kind of life could you give your family? What if you were able to save and invest that money for the future? How would you use the resources God has entrusted to you as His faithful steward? Would you give more, would you help that family in need, would you go on a 6 month mission trip without worry of having enough to support yourself. The possibilities are endless when your debt free and have extra resources to spread around.

Just close your eyes and imagine it. The peace, the joy, the freedom. This is the feeling that we have and the feeling that our clients have every single day, and you could experience the same euphoric feelings as well. It’s time we take back control of our financial lives and start living the life that you destined to live, joyful, meaningful and purposeful. 

Call us today to schedule your free strategy session or click on the link below to join the course NOW. Do not let another day go by living in despair, join the FIRELife Debt Destroyer program and destroy that debt once and for all. We’re praying for you, you can do this