FIRElife Financial Coaching

The FIRE concept is simple, but to reach FIRE, to live a FIRELife, you need to understand what FIRE means for you. Maybe just replacing your income is not enough. You may want to increase your retirement lifestyle, or perhaps FIRE means minimizing your lifestyle and making the necessary changes to live a simple, modest life. FIRE is specific to the individual, and reaching FIRE means something different for everyone.

Why Do I Need a Financial Coach?

You need a financial coach to help you reach your financial goals and walk with you as you embark on your journey. You need someone in your corner who has your best interest at heart. If you're sick, you see a doctor. If they prescribe medication, it's up to you to take it and follow the prescribed dosage and any other instructions given to you. If they tell you to exercise, stop eating sugar and salt, or avoid certain things because it might trigger symptoms, you listen to the doctor. If you don't do what they say, you won't get better. On the other hand, if you follow the plan and take your prescriptions, you will likely be healthier. 

The same goes for your finances. If you follow what a trained financial physician tells you, you will get financially well. Our simple and easy-to-follow program will give you all the information, tools, tips, and tricks to help you succeed financially and help you reach FIRE. 

Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Angel Abundis, and I am a Life Coach and Certified Master Financial Coach. I was born and raised in sunny Southern California and currently live in Irvine with my wife Lisa and our four wonderful, headstrong children. They range from 3 to 14 years old. I have been in the real estate, mortgage, and financial services industry for over 18 years and have spent most of my career managing real estate asset portfolios for major banks, lenders, hedge funds, and asset management companies. I have recently been in the FinTech sector, directing a team of project managers developing cutting-edge multi-million-dollar software products to digitize and automate the mortgage and personal lending process. In 2019 I discovered the FIRE movement, started my own company, and decided to dedicate my life to teaching personal finance to help people reach FIRE.

What Do I do next?

As a Life and Financial coach, I have dedicated my life to serving people and teaching them the concepts outlined in our coaching program. They call me The Financial Physician because my job is to diagnose your financial issues and prescribe a plan to get you financially healthy. I do that by coaching you through your journey toward FIRE. My ultimate goal is the success of my clients in reaching their financial goals. Your financial health is my reward. Seeing my clients win with money and achieve their financial potential is immensely fulfilling. If you need help, we have three options that can help you. You can receive immediate help by getting out of debt with our FIRELife Debt Destroyer. Learn More Here:

Suppose you want more robust and in-depth information, including how to reach Financial Independence and Retire Early. FIRELife Freedom program will educate you all about FIRE and give you a clear roadmap so you can retire from your 9-5 job within 7 to 17 years. Learn more here:

For those that want the best, including lifetime access, then our FIRELife Pinnacle program is perfect for you. Learn more here:

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